Cloud Services

We get more questions about “the cloud” than any other subject. For all the hype surrounding the word, there’s often a lack of understanding about what the term actually means. Simply put, services hosted outside the corporate firewall and accessed via the Internet are said to be “in the cloud.” Popular examples include hosted email, database and file access. Indeed it’s often possible to host nearly your entire organization offsite using modern commercial services from Microsoft (Azure/Office 365), Google (Google Apps), and Amazon (Amazon Web Services).

But cloud computing is also utilized as a supplement to traditional on-premises services. Examples of this include online backup, network redundancy, site failover, disaster recovery, and remote access solutions. 

Learning to wade through the different offerings is daunting for even the most technologically savvy. Understanding what you need can be confusing. Choosing from dozens of vendors offering nearly identical Internet-based services can feel like throwing a dart at the wall and hoping you hit the bull’s eye. Many times you miss the board altogether. 

With the assistance of our technicians and project managers—who constantly monitor vendors for new products and services—Pioneering Network will analyze your situation and provide guidance to help you add cloud-based solutions to your existing infrastructure. We ask the basic questions first. What do you currently have, what do you need, and how do you want to get there? Whether you are looking for a total migration to the cloud or a cloud-based supplement to your existing on-premises network, Pioneering Network can help.  We have rigorously evaluated the major cloud-computing services and implemented hundreds of cloud-based solutions for our clients using Microsoft, Google, and Amazon technologies.