Pioneering Network’s data center partners have more than 15 geographically diverse US-based locations that provide a variety of services to our customers. These data center facilities are SAS70 Type II and SSAE16 Type II audited and certified. They have 99.999% guaranteed up time, with over 200Gbps of Internet connectivity from dozens of peered connections.

Managed Hosting

Has the expense of renting space in a data center to run a small number of critical virtual machines stopped you from moving to the cloud?  Do you not have proper spare equipment or knowledge of how to configure and integrate cloud-based VMs with your on-premises virtual infrastructure?  At Pioneering Network, we can set you up on enterprise-class hardware, configure proper connections in and out of your primary location, and manage the day-to-day operations of your hosted servers. 


Do you have your own equipment that you would like hosted in a data center, but only have a few servers or only need temporary colocation and don’t want to sign a long-term contract?  Pioneering Network has data center space available and offers flexible, short-term commitments and excellent pricing. We provide rack space, power, unmetered Internet access, and will setup and do basic management of all your equipment.

Disaster Recovery

At Pioneering Network, we take the approach that 2 is 1 and 1 is none when it comes to backups. This old survivalist adage means having a second backup and, if possible, a third backup as well. We offer our clients offsite replication of their data using industry-leading software and host these replicas on enterprise-class storage.  We provide an offsite repository for your data that’s available if your primary local backups aren’t accessible due to fire, flood, or—in a more likely scenario—in the case of corruption.  We offer both offsite backup replication and long-term archival storage.  We work closely with your staff to determine the appropriate backup frequency and retention plans and provide monitoring and testing of your replicas on predetermined schedules.

Business Continuity

Having a disaster recovery plan is all well and good, but what happens when your replacement equipment is on order and it will be days before it arrives, or your business is such that it needs to be up within hours or minutes in the case of an emergency?  In addition to offering disaster recovery, Pioneering Network works with clients who require this kind of emergency service. Our Business Continuity Service is a fully functional, remotely hosted, up-to-date copy of your production environment that can be turned up in case of emergency. This fully cloud-based infrastructure allows your organization to function from any location with Internet access and keeps your operations going during long-term outages.