“Your business model is perfect – total dedication to meeting your customers' needs, instant response, and smart advice. In the two years we have worked with Pioneering Network, I can’t remember a time when more than 20 minutes has gone by between a support request and reaction – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Memorable event – one of our prepress designers deletes an entire folder for an important candidate minutes before the printer’s due date. A call goes out – you all respond and the robust infrastructure is up to the task, the folder is recovered in minutes and we make the printer’s deadline. If you can keep this level of customer service and intelligent advice as you expand, the sky is the limit!”
-Jim Arnold, Partner, Mack-Sumner Communications
“Pioneering Network treats our small operation like a Fortune 100 company. Our calls are returned within minutes, our needs are addressed immediately, and when an on-site visit is required, the service is always quick and complete. These are true professionals - knowledgeable about the latest software and hardware, thorough, experienced, responsible, and client-oriented. Pioneering Network takes the time to understand our small business and evolving needs, and they make our priorities their priorities.”
-William Maroni, President, United States | New Zealand Council
“The Pioneering Network team provides AAIM ongoing support, advice, education, and balance. They are intentional about excellent customer service, available to fill knowledge gaps on our staff, and efficient with resources.”
-Bergitta E. Smith, Executive Vice President, Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine
“Pioneering Network has been with us from the start, overseeing all our IT planning and finding simple solutions to any problems that arise. Their IT expertise has allowed me to focus on building a successful new business.”
-Alan Moore, Founder/President, Moore Campaigns
“Pioneering Network sets the bar for emergency support. Their response time is incredible, they keep their cool, and they know how to ensure we have the IT stability we need. They once even saved us from an overheating server room by fixing our supplemental air conditioner – above and beyond! In addition, I count on Pioneering Network to illuminate the future of our IT spending and to help me to prioritize the most urgent and strategic projects. Their support surpasses mere technical know-how and incorporates a business savvy that sets them apart.”
-Jennifer Phillips, Chief Strategy Officer, Avalon Consulting Group
“Trying to embrace today’s technology as a nonprofit with a conservative budget is not easy. We were struggling to move to a more reliable infrastructure, as our resources were severely out of date. Pioneering Network not only helped us plot and install a solution that fit our budget constraints – they also ensured it was scalable and appropriate for our growing needs. Whenever a network issue has arisen, their support staff has been there to fix the issue and, when appropriate, guide us through the troubleshooting process so that we can be knowledgeable and proactive about future issues. It is a true comfort to know that they have our network needs under control so that we can focus on our mission.”
-Barry Lewandowski, Communications Director, Manchester Christian Church
“Pioneering Network has provided stability and reliability to my organization’s network and IT infrastructure. They remain competitively priced and provide strong equipment and service provider recommendations to meet my organization’s needs and budget. The Pioneering Network staff is hyper-responsive, resolving even the most basic user issues quickly. More importantly, they take the time to explain the work that is being done, as well as provide us with the tools and education to become knowledgeable partners in IT management.”
-Steven Humphrey, Assistant Director of Technology Services, Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine