Virtual CIO

Do you have someone on staff with high-level technology skills and experience who can plan and budget a large IT project or set the IT strategy for your company? If the answer is no, Pioneering Network can fill that void.

Many small businesses and nonprofits are too small to adequately staff the CIO position. As such, the CIO role is often added to an already overburdened employee with little or no experience in IT.  We often encounter situations where the CFO is forced to become the CIO and make technical decisions for a company based solely on price. While this may work in the short-term, you often end up with outdated equipment purchased on “special” or insufficient bandwidth because the price jump for the next tier wasn’t a priority for the accounting team.

In these situations, you need someone to fill the CIO role and give another perspective. While you need the expertise the CIO position brings, you probably only need it part-time. By partnering with Pioneering Network, you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise without having to pay full-time benefits or salaries. We’ll get to know your business, speak with managers at all levels and help formulate a long-term, comprehensive IT strategy. We’ll work with you during the planning, budgeting, and implementation phases of any project to ensure that it helps further your long-term strategy and goals.  We are there 24/7 to help guide you through all your options with the same commitment we bring to the service side of the relationship. You can count on us to help craft a company-specific solution and adjust it as your needs and priorities change. At Pioneering Network, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to assist you in planning and implementing a long-term IT roadmap.